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Life on the team

'Life on the team is vibrant and challenging, and a lot of fun!' Liz Jackson (former team member)

We usually run a couple of major productions a year- one schools productions and one touring show which is currently the Hiding Place- The Corrie Ten Boom Story. In addition to this, cast members will rehearse a number of team dramas and monologues to build up a basic repertoire. We will work closely as a team on presentation skills and building a good team environment. This repertoire will be used primarily for church events which run throughout the year. Following this initial rehearsal period, the team's focus is moved towards productions, with the opportunity to produce several shows targeted at a variety of audiences, from churches, to primary schools, to prisons. While the schedule may sound busy, we ensure that no-one works more than 40 hours per week, with days off and regular holidays.


Events can be held on any day of the week and either during the day or evening. But where possible we always try to give the team two days off together each week. There are some events on Sundays (usually prisons outreach) but we try to keep as many Sunday free so people can integrate into a local church. If in one week, extra time is worked (over 40 hours), this will be paid back as time in lieu. There will also be some long weekends off, as well as holidays around Christmas and Easter.



Week to week

Incorporated into your time on the team with us are practical work duties such as administration, painting, prop building and maintenance. These include communication between us and the schools, prisons and churches we work with; organising the production folder for each event, ensuring all props and costumes can be obtained, and organising all our bookings and availability.
The amount of time spent on these tasks varies from week to week, but there is always some time spent in the office giving the team a wider understanding of how a theatre company operates 'behind the scenes.' There will also be regular times of prayer for the forthcoming missions. Typically, the average Oddments day runs from 9am to 5pm. This includes rehearsals, administration tasks and some quiet time to reflect on our faith. Each week pans out differently; the team may be preparing for a performance, working on new material, or experimenting with new ideas.



Social life and hours

As well as a productive working life, the team are encouraged to develop socially and to enjoy their free time in Yeovil. There are opportunities for the team attend local groups for Christians aged 18-30 where they are able to discuss their faith, meet new people and enjoy social events. They are also encouraged to find and settle into a local church.


Missions are often on Sundays and sometimes in the evenings, but generally the team are given one clear day off per week (usually Saturday) and then extra time off to pay back time they have spent working 'out of hours'. There will also be some long weekends off, as well as holidays around Christmas and Easter.


Eating together

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